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A word from our Chairman, Chris Mitchell:

“Welcome to Park Lane Healthcare!


We are a family run company, and intend to keep things that way. We have owned and run care homes of all categories for nearly fifteen years and live, breathe and eat this Sector. All our senior team are in the homes constantly, supporting our terrific managers and staff in everything they do, be it to review equipment and the environment to further improve levels of care, right through to the very best training money can buy in an ever changing and increasingly regulatory space. However, this is our domain to deliver, and not for you to worry about! What you need to make sure of is that you find the right home for you or your loved one, safe in the knowledge that the care –  THE most important point of all – is there. We pride ourselves on ensuring that in almost every case, our residents only have to make this choice once. A home for life in every sense of the meaning, whatever the future holds.    

We cater for all levels of need across the group, with care for those living with dementia featuring prominently. This terribly debilitating and progressive illness features heavily in the press as you will all know, but rest assured the fight to combat the challenges that we face is never more prevalent than in our care homes. As Chairman of the company, I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Dementia Studies from Bradford University, (not bad for a 58 year old!) the leading light in research and training into the physical and psychological effects of this awful condition. Being candid, I did not of course take this degree to improve my CV, but because I saw it as my duty and responsibility to understand the issues facing our residents, their loved ones and our staff every single day.  

On a lighter note though, Park Lane Healthcare is all about happiness too! Our slogan, ‘Making New Memories’, is exactly how we see it. Making that massive decision to move into full time care is understandably daunting, but should be about starting a new chapter of one’s life rather than a backward step. We are all about support when you need it, independence when you want it and everything in between. We have literally hundreds of testimonials which I will never tire of receiving, so why not find out why we get so many? On this site, the homes we own speak for themselves but we all need to get that warm, cosy feeling that can ONLY be achieved by a visit. We look forward to seeing you!’’



Magnolia House

Lindsay is one of life’s all-rounders! She began life with Park Lane Healthcare working in the accounts department, handling all the residents’ families’ queries, fee payments, bills we had to pay and a myriad of other things too. She even used to organise all our special award days that our top performing staff receive for their efforts, many of which go way beyond the call of duty. If all of this was not enough, in her own time she studied at Lincoln University and gained a degree in social work, such was her calling for looking after the elderly and vulnerable in society. All of this led to her joining our regional team, ensuring our homes were compliant in all aspects of care delivery and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to place her as manager at Magnolia House when the position became vacant. Although a large home and with it large challenges, Lindsay works tremendously hard at all times to ensure that every resident feels that little bit special. 

She comments: 

"I love working in a home environment where everyone feels like part of a family, from our enthusiastic team of staff and the satisfaction that each day brings! I am passionate about Magnolia House and have a wonderful and dedicated team that support me and all those who live here. Having worked for the company for over a decade, I could not imagine being anywhere else. To provide loving TLC for the people in our care is the most rewarding thing you can do in life. Why not come and share the atmosphere of this home. It's a perfect blend of peaceful when you need it but lively when you want it."


The Hall

Diane has been in care management for over 20 years and joined The Hall in 2010, stating it as a chance of having the best job in the world!  Her professional goal is to make caring for our elderly residents an everyday priority. In addition to care management she is a fully qualified adult tutor and NVQ Assessor.  Always wishing to stay up to date with the latest in training, Diane has gained her Level 5 Care Management award, no mean achievement whilst working more than full time looking after our residents. She has created a centre of excellence and a beacon of care, as recognised locally and from those who sought us from far away, clearly demonstrating that her huge passion for working with the elderly and listening to their life experiences has reaped huge rewards.  

Diane comments:

"The Hall team work so well together it is like being a part of a big family. Everyone works here for the residents, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care. The staff team always wear a smile and enjoy their time at work. Our aim is to do our utmost to make sure The Hall is as homely as possible for the residents. It is their home after all..."


Croston Park

Bernadette is a registered general nurse by profession and previously worked in the acute care sector of the NHS for 20 years. This was followed by 17 years in the private sector as a nurse, but in the main as a care home manager. We are delighted to say that she has spent the last 11 years with Park Lane Healthcare, and we won’t let her go anywhere else! She long since gained the Registered Managers award, but these short paragraphs only partly tell the story of a life dedicated to care of the elderly. At Croston Park she has created an almost unique brand of everyone working for the good of each other, and to witness the camaraderie within the staffing pool at the changeover of shifts is a great way to see Bernie’s management skills and team spirit in action.

As she says:

"Working with the most vulnerable in society is an honour and a privilege, but also extremely rewarding and fun too! At Croston Park we want to create happy new memories for our residents, whether it be the enjoyment of our wonderful building and manicured gardens, or the happy atmosphere within. We are very proud of all we have achieved here at Croston Park and the beautiful brand new rooms have put the icing on the cake. Feel free to contact me for a guided tour!"


The Manor House

Leane Hatch.jpeg

Leanne epitomises the phrase ‘home grown talent’! She has been in working in care since she was just 15 years old, coming straight home from school and then back out again to do anything asked of her in a care home owned by a family friend. Now that’s dedication and at such a young age too!

Having enjoyed it so much, it was all she wanted to do and so upon leaving school she sought to move straight into working full time in care of the elderly. This was our good fortune as it was The Manor House she chose and she has been at the home ever since, working her way up through various care exams and the hierarchy of care on the floor. Known extremely well to all our residents and clients, our appointment of her as our new home manager has been a highly popular move, both from the ‘shop floor’ and also residents and relatives alike. She feels like the new girl on the block, but don’t let this typically understated assessment of her own talent fool you! Time spent with her, radiating warmth and complete understanding of our residents’ needs will leave you in no doubt that the home is safe in her hands.

Leanne says:

‘’I am, I suppose, one of the young ones to be a manager at my age. However, I have grown up so to speak in the 21st Century of care and easily learnt the more modern and indeed safer ways of delivering care in this highly complex environment. Creating the very highest standards of care and strict monitoring of residents’ needs are with us to stay and thank goodness they are. Having been on board when all of the new thinking about these issues came to the fore has meant that I found it more or less second nature to work in this way. If carers and indeed everyone can adopt these new standards into the loving TLC they naturally and emotionally feel compelled to give, then everyone wins’’. Wise words from a young lady.


Finance Director

Chris’ titles would stretch right across the page, were we to list everything he Excels in! A chartered accountant by profession, working in both accountancy practices and then later in industry, unlike any other accountant we have ever known, he busies himself on all aspects of care delivery. He is the guy responsible for overseeing the entire financial operations of the company, reporting back to fellow board members on up to the minute data which allows us to make quick financial decisions on all aspects of the business. However, he spends much of his time in dialogue with the managers, supporting them on all aspects of daily care, ensuring correct staffing levels, equipment and environment are catered for at all times. Not an easy task. As he says:

"The challenges facing the sector are on the news and social media almost daily and we need to run twice as fast as the pack to ensure that we keep up. Whilst I am the ‘numbers’ person, to understand those numbers you have to get into the heart and soul of the business, otherwise they are meaningless. I don’t feel I can ever relax without having the total involvement I need to feel within every facet of the business."

This approach has served PLH and Chris well.



Information Technology and Operations Director

Anthony gained a university degree in Business Computing, before taking up positions at two of the leading technology companies, EMIS, followed by Accenture. In these positions he worked closely with the NHS and doctors’ surgeries, delivering IT to the healthcare market. With several years of industry experience under his belt, he decided to join the family business, Park Lane Healthcare, in 2006. In his position as IT Director, he was able to bring the very latest technology to both the care side of the business and of course the accounting side. However, wishing to gain extensive knowledge of all sides of the business, he embarked on a journey of numerous care courses, including delivery of care relating to dementia. As with all the owners and Directors of the company, Anthony has extensive knowledge of all aspects of care provision, from care plans and the dispensing of medicines, right through to taking a keen interest in dietary issues and relevant, bespoke activities for our residents. As he says:

"Knowledge is power in any business, but never was this statement more appropriate than in care of the elderly. This sector is ever changing to improve the needs of our residents, whether it be by the use of IT or more conventional means. I make it my personal crusade to wise up on all things care to ensure that PLH is at the forefront of the advances in technology and traditional methods of care delivery."


Human Resources and Health and Safety Director

Andrew gained a law degree, and worked extensively for the Crown Prosecution Service in West Yorkshire prior to joining us. Needless to say, with such a high profile role, he gained enormous experience in all aspects of law applied to a myriad of different situations, in a fast moving, pressurised environment. We approached him about a change of career path and I think it is true to say that neither side have regretted it. His deep examination of the legal aspects of running care homes in an ever complex world, where health and safety issues, the Mental Capacity Act and numerous other critical issues are at the fore, have proved vital in delivering the correct decisions for Park Lane Healthcare. He combines all of this with running our Human Resources team, overseeing the joining and leaving side of the company which is never an easy path to walk down. Whilst he loves to see exciting new future managers coming through our recruitment process, there are times when we need a strong hand to deliver less pleasing news also. Every business encounters this and we are no different, but are safe in Andrew’s hands. Andrew comments:

"It was a massive change for me to join PLH, but I have never enjoyed my working life so much! At the CPS I witnessed many of the less savoury aspects of life, whereas here, whilst we have trials and tribulations, there are so many wonderful and uplifting stories about both the residents and the staff who deliver such great care to them, I feel very lucky."

So do we!   


TheIR Finest Hour

Listen to our own tribute song, dedicated to our esteemed residents and a celebration of that generation wherever they may be. The lyrics were written by our Chairman, Chris Mitchell. The melody was written by local musician, George Hall. The song was sung wonderfully by Ian Donaghy, our former Care Training Director and lead singer of successful York party band, 'Huge'.

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